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I took a trip to Sellers Market in San Francisco to deliver some reclaimed Dougals fir 6x8 beams.
Seller's Market is a leading edge artisan-organic-local- casual- food joint. Jim Sellers (Founder), needed the recycled Douglas fir posts to finish the patio/bar area of his newest restaurant (in the heart of San Francisco's financial district on the corner on 2nd and Market). Black's Farmwood provided urban salvage wood slab tables for the interior, reclaimed Douglas fir 8x12 posts for the patio, authentic reclaimed barn wood siding for wainscoting and a billboard.

When I pulled up into the loading zone, I was surprised to see a 12' x 14' reclaimed redwood barn siding billboard on the side of the skyscraper that is home to Seller's Market. It was awesome to see weathered redwood barn siding that Black's Farmwood provided. The reclaimed redwood barn wood was reclaimed from an original homestead barn from Steven's Creek Valley (circa 1870).

Thank you,
Michael Black
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Black's Farmwood, Inc.

This blog has been established to share information about Black's Farmwood, Inc. and the latest news from our world of reclaimed wood. Black's Farmwood, Inc. is located in San Rafael, California and is a leading provider of reclaimed wood beams, antique wood mantle beams, weathered gray barn siding, and reclaimed wide plank wood flooring. Our exquisite time crafted woods are perfect for green building, remodels, historic restorations, and new construction.
toll free: 877-321-9663

Extraordinary commercial locations with Black's Farmwood:

Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville, CA (FSC Certified White Oak Flooring and Ceiling Decking, Reclaimed Clear All Heart Redwood)
Sterling Winery, St Helena, California (Rescued White Oak Wide Plank Flooring)
Billabong Surf Shops, California (Reclaimed Antique Oak Lumber, Reclaimed Doug Fir Beams, Pine Barn Siding)
Lombardi's, Las Vegas, Nevada (Antique Hand Hewn Barn Beams)
Tres Agaves Restaurant, San Francisco, California (Hand Hewn Beams, Tobacco Barn Oak Flooring, Reclaimed Doug fir beams)
The Tipsy Pig Restaurant, San Francisco, California (Wire Brushed Tobacco Barn Oak Wide Plank Flooring)
Westfield Mall, Trumbull, Connecticut (Antique Wire Brushed Oak Wall Paneling)
Simon Pearce, San Francisco, California (Tobacco Barn Beech Flooring)
Sundance Retail Stores, Denver, Colorado and Corte Madera, California (Wire Brushed Tobacco Barn Oak Flooring and Casework)
Nettie's Crab Shack, San Francisco, California (Rustic Barnwood Flooring)
Whole Foods, Reno, Nevada (Hand Hewn Barn Beams); coming soon: Santa Barbara, California (Antique Oak Barn Siding)
The Grove, San Francisco, California (Wire Brushed Tobacco Barn Oak Flooring, Wide Plank Barn Threshing Floor)
Google, Mountain View, California (Reclaimed Antique Teak and Antique Tobacco Barn Oak Wall Paneling)
Gap, San Francisco, California (Wide Plank Rustic "Factory Flooring")
Columbine, Corte Madera, California (Mountain Ash Wide Plank Flooring)
Ridge Winery, Cupertino, California (Rustic Barn Siding)
Levi's Store - Union Square, San Francisco, CA (Reclaimed Antique Oak Barn Boards for Display Tables and Wall Displays)
Farina Foods, San Francisco, California (Mountian Ash Wide Plank Flooring)
Medicine Eat Station, San Francisco, California (Rescued White Ash Flooring)
Aroma Cafe, San Rafael, California (Tobacco Barn Beech Wainscoting)
Tropisueno, San Francisco, California (Barn Threshing Floor, Hand Hewn Barn Beams)
Wolfgang Puck's Vert, Los Angeles, California (Hand Hewn Barn Beams)
Edge Shop for Men, Danville, California (Reclaimed Grey Weathered Antique Barn Siding)
Starbelly San Francisco, California (Reclaimed Barn Wood Interior Paneling, Barn Beams and Wood Slab Shelving)
Ironside 680 2ND ST, San Francisco, CA (Reclaimed Antique Grey Barn Siding, Wire Brushed Reclaimed Oak)
The Plum Organic Salon, San Francisco, CA (Reclaimed Antique Hand Hewn Beams, Gray Barn Siding, Urban Salvage Redwood Slab)
Sellers Market, San Francisco, CA (Urban Salvage Wood Slab Tables, Reclaimed Barn Siding, Antique Hand Hewn Beams)
Wayfare Tavern opening soon, 558 Sacramento St., San Francisco, CA (Antique Wire Brushed Tobacco Barn Oak Flooring)
The Lush Lounge San Francisco, California (Antique Barn Threshing Floor, Reclaimed Redwood, Salvaged Wood Slab Bar, Hand Hewn Barn Beams, Antique Oak)
Mill Valley Beerworks Mill Valley, California (Rough Face Antique Oak Flooring)
Dish Mill Valley, California (Antique Wire Brushed Tobacco Barn Oak Flooring, Grey Barn Siding, Slab Community Table)
Roam Artisan Burgers San Francisco, Ca (Reclaimed Antique Oak 1x and 2x planks)
Tomatina Northgate Mall, San Rafael, CA (Reclaimed Old Growth Redwood, Reclaimed Old Growth Douglas Fir)
Starbucks California (Reclaimed Hemlock and Douglas Fir Wall Paneling, Live Edge Wood Slab Bar Tops, Reclaimed Wood Community Tables and Benches)
WD Partners San Francisco, California (Reclaimed Douglas Fir Custom Conference Table)
Sierra Club Headquarters, San Francisco, CA (reclaimed Douglas fir timbers)
toll free: 877.321.9663

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